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When you download Wordsheets v5.5 it is initially in "demo" mode and will only print 10 worksheets. When you purchase Wordsheets you will receive a registration code specific to your name along with simple registration instructions. Once you've completed the registration process you'll have unlimited printing and you'll be able to turn off the Qualint acknowledgment line at the bottom of printed worksheets.

Retail price for one license is $30.00 (see special discounts below)
Upgrade pricing from Wordsheets 4.2 and Puzzler

How and Where to Buy



We offer a $5 "Spread the Word Discount" and we hope you'll take advantage of it! By purchasing at the discounted price, you are simply agreeing to help spread the word about Wordsheets. Get the discount now, do your "spreading" anytime!

Spreading the word is easy: tell an acquaintance, pass along an information sheet, link to our web site, post in a newsgroup, mention us in a chat room, or simply print worksheets with the Qualint acknowledgment line. No proof of "spreading" is required.


Purchase six or more licenses at the same time and receive a special rate of $15 per license. This rate is available to organizations purchasing multiple licenses, and to individuals who want to group together and save. For organizations or groups, all licenses receiving the special rate must be purchased at the same time. Additionally, for individuals purchasing as a group, a name and address must be provided for each license. Note that this special rate is for electronic download of the software. Installation CD's may be ordered at additional cost.


Limited School Site License
A Limited School Site License for all teachers at one site is $300. Under a limited site license, a copy of Wordsheets can be installed on each teacher's computer at school, and each teacher may also install Wordsheets on his/her home computer. For the purposes of this license, a teacher is defined as an employee of the school. Parents and PTA volunteers are not included. Paid teacher's aids, secretaries, and administrators are included. Under a limited license, Wordsheets may NOT be installed on student classroom computers, in student computer labs, or in students' homes.

Unlimited Site License
An unlimited site license for unlimited users at one site is $500. A site license allows employees at the site to also install Wordsheets on their home computers. Under an unlimited license, Wordsheets may be installed on all computers at the site including in student computer labs. However, students and parents may not install Wordsheets on their home computers.

When an employee stops working at a site that has a Wordsheets site license, the employee is no longer covered under the site license and would need to uninstall Wordsheets or purchase her own license. Please contact info@qualint.com for further information or other options.

How To Purchase Wordsheets