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Registered copies of Wordsheets purchased after August 28, 2001* are under the following terms:

Each Wordsheets license (purchased individually or at a group rate) permits purchaser to do 1 and 2:

  1. Install & use Wordsheets on one computer in a classroom or office
  2. Install & use Wordsheets on any computers at one residence including laptops used at the residence.

License restrictions:

  1. Purchaser may not give a registered copy or the registration code to someone else (Please direct them to the free demo version on the website, or give them the original unregistered installation files to try and do not give them your registration code).
  2. Purchaser may not install Wordsheets on multiple computers in a school or office. An individual license (group rates apply) must be purchased for each computer or a site license must be negotiated).
  3. Wordsheets may not be installed at more than one person's home. An individual license (group rates apply) must be purchased for each person who wishes to use Wordsheets at home.


A Wordsheets license may be transferred to another individual under the same terms if original purchaser keeps no copies or backups of Wordsheets.

A teacher changing schools or classrooms may choose to leave Wordsheets on computers in her previous classroom, but if so she can not install Wordsheets on computers in her new classroom. Alternately, she may remove copies from the previous classroom and install in the new classroom. In either case she may leave copies on her home computers.

Site license terms are negotiated with each site.

*Copies of Wordsheets purchased prior to 8/28/2001 may continue to be used under the terms of the license in effect at the time of purchase