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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Wordsheets is software to help you make crossword, word search, and word scramble puzzles from your own lists of words. Read on for answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I make my own puzzles?

Download Wordsheets and install it on your computer. You can then run Wordsheets anytime you want. (After downloading you can disconnect from the internet. You don't need to be connected to install or run the program.)

Using the Wordsheets software to create puzzle worksheets is very simple. Type in your own words, click generate, and then click print (see screen shots). It's easy, and you'll always get good looking printouts (see print samples).

I get errors when I try and download. It never completes successfully, what do I do?

Try downloading at a different time of day, and try downloading from the secondary site. The reliability of the internet varies greatly and is influenced by many factors including your internet connection and the number of people using it.

What is the difference between the download version and the CD version of Wordsheets?

The software is identical - there are no differences after installation. During CD installation you can enter the registration code. The download version installs in demo mode for you to try. When you purchase you don't need to download again, you simply use a menu option on the demo version to enter the registration code.

Do you have a version for Mac (Apple) computers?

We're sorry, but a Macintosh version is not currently available or under development due to lack of resources.

I have a new computer (or my HD crashed and I had to redo my machine), but I bought the download version and I don't have a CD to reinstall with, what do I do?

When you purchased Wordsheets you received a registration code. Simply download the latest point version, reinstall, and enter your name and registration code again just as you received it. (Also see the next question.)

Why do you require a registration code? Please tell me more about it.

The registration code allows us to offer a free limited download, and a quick convenient method for customers to have full use of the software. The registration code is different for everyone and is tied to the name as given when you purchase. If you ever need to reinstall Wordsheets, just re-enter the name and registration code as you received them (they must both be entered exactly as shown). As you can see, it is important to keep a copy of your registration information. If you have lost it, please contact support@qualint.com

How many puzzles can I print if I buy a license?

After you purchase a license and enter the registration code you receive, you have unlimited use and unlimited printing. Wordsheets will never expire or run out. You can print or export any number of worksheets. If you replace your computer or reinstall, you don't need to purchase Wordsheets again. (See the previous two questions.) Wordsheets is not sold on a subscription basis, it is a one time purchase. (See below for information on our upgrade policy.)

When a new version is released will there be an upgrade price?

Minor point releases are free to download and will not require a new registration. Major point releases will be available at a reasonable upgrade price. For instance, customers who purchased 5.0 or 5.1 can download and install 5.5. The new version is automatically registered and fully functional and there is no charge. When 6.0 is released there will be an upgrade price and a new registration code will be required.

I bought one single user license. Can I use Wordsheets on my computer at school (or work) and on my computer at home?

Yes we have a liberal license agreement that lets you do this.

Can I buy Wordsheets in the store?

Wordsheets is not sold in local software stores. BMT Micro is a large software distributor in NC that can take your order for Wordsheets by phone or over the internet. You can also purchase over the internet with a credit card using PayPal or through SWReg payment services. We also accept purchase orders and checks. Please see our "How to purchase" page for more information.

I don't understand about the group purchase price. Would I qualify for that?

Yes anyone can qualify for a group purchase price if they order in a group of six or more. Schools and businesses often purchase software licenses in quantities. They get a cheaper per license cost when doing so. We wanted our individual customers to have the same opportunity, so we offer the multi-license price to individuals who get together and purchase in a group. The minimum order is for 6 licenses. If you can find 5 other people who want to purchase Wordsheets, you can place one order for 6 licenses and pay only $15 per download license ($90.00 for six). All six licenses must be purchased at the same time, and we need a name to register each license to. If you would like installation CD's, the first CD is $6.00 shipping and handling, and additional CD's are $1.50, so for 6 licenses and 6 CD's the total cost is $103.50 or $17.25 each. (All installation CD's will be shipped together to one location.) Payment can be made with six individual checks mailed together to us, or one person can pay via credit card for the total amount after collecting from each individual. Please email us for further details.

Can I publish or sell worksheets that I create using Wordsheets?

Yes you can. We do not claim any copyright on puzzles created with Wordsheets (our copyright is on the software to make the worksheets), and we do not charge higher licensing fees for those who wish to publish using it. We don't even require you to acknowledge your use of Wordsheets, but we are always appreciative when someone does mention us.

Can I print puzzles without the words "Created with the help of Wordsheets" at the bottom?

In the demo version you can not change or eliminate the credit line. However, after you've purchased the program and entered your registration code, you can turn it off, or you can change the language and font to anything you like. For instance, "Created by Mrs. Smith especially for 5th period!"

Can I print the class name at the top of the page?

Yes. Wordsheets has a header, a footer, a title, and instructions that are all editable. By default, the header shows "Name __________" You can click on that area when you are viewing a puzzle, and then change it to anything you want, for instance, you can change it to read, "Name _______, Class _______" or "English, Fifth Period"

I don't need a place for a name, how do I get rid of it?

Display a puzzle, then click on "Name." A dialog box comes up. At the top of the dialog box is a check box that says, "Hide Header" Check the hide box and the header disappears. To make it come back, click the customize button by the print style. And check the Has Header box.

How do I change the title on the worksheets?

Display the worksheet then click on the title. In the dialog box type in whatever you'd like. In the same dialog box, you can also set the font for the title.

How do I change fonts?

Click the area of the puzzle where you want a different font, then choose the font name and style.

How do I change the size of the fonts?

For words, clues, titles, instructions, headers, and footers, you can change the size when you change the font name as describe above. The font size of the numbers and letters in the crossword blocks are automatically sized to be a portion of the block size and can not be manually set. The blocks are automatically sized to take up space not used by clues or word lists. Likewise, the font size of the letters in the word search are automatically sized to take up space not being used by words or clues. You can increase the font size indirectly by using two pages for the puzzle. Or, you can manually decrease the font size of the words and/or clues to leave more space for the rest of the puzzle.

How do I change the background of a crossword from gray to white (to save ink)?

There are two included print styles that do this, "Standard Portrait (no gray background)" and "Standard Landscape (no gray background)." Choose one of the styles in the Print Styles drop down list while viewing a puzzle.

You can also modify any of the other styles to not have gray by choosing the style, then clicking on the grid portion of the crossword. A dialog box comes up. In the section "Unused area of crossword" choose "Fill surrounded boxes only." The background will no longer be filled except for completely surrounded blank squares. You may also want to change the fill color to black (next set of radio buttons on the same dialog) when doing only surrounded squares.

I like some things about one style, and some things about another. Is there any way to combine styles?

Yes. You can change one of the styles or create your own style that uses a combination of things from different styles. Each element of a worksheet can be customized by using the customize button, or by clicking on the element in the display. All the settings used for all the styles are available in this way and you can choose them in almost any combination. You can then save as a new style. (See next question for details.)

I have set the fonts, the header, the footer and other elements of the puzzle the way I want them, but next time I use Wordsheets I have to do it all over again, is there any way to save my settings?

Yes. Wordsheets uses print and generation styles to group together user settings. You can add your own styles, or change the ones that come with Wordsheets. Near the bottom of every settings dialog, (that you bring up by clicking on worksheet elements) and on the bottom of the Customize dialog, there is a section for Print Style. If you click "Save Style", Wordsheets will save the current settings to the current style. The "Save as new style" button will create a new style from the current settings. If you are on the customize dialog, you can change the name of the style, but if you don't, the name of the new style will be the same as the old name plus "NEW" You can also delete styles from the customize dialog.

I want to add graphics or orther things that I don't see settings for. How can I do that?

Use the Export button (below the print buttons) to create a file that can be read by your graphics program or your wordprocessor. You can then open the exported file in the other program and change or add things as desired. Note that the best format for exporting will depend greatly on the software you are going to use. Metafiles look best if you are going to change the size, but some programs change the fonts in metafiles. Bitmaps or GIF's will preserve the fonts and layout, but they won't look as good if you change the size. You will likely have to experiment to get the best results.

How can I save the generated puzzle that I like?

As of version 5.5, whenever you save the word list, any generated puzzles are saved with the word lists. When you reopen the list you can print them again in the same or a different style. Puzzles that were printed before the save will show printed, so you can see which one you used last time. If you do not want to save generated puzzles when you save the word lists, there are two menu items on the file menu, "Delete all unprinted" and "Delete all generated." You can also delete individual generated puzzles when viewing them by pressing the "Delete" key (to the right of the print keys).

You can also save puzzles, by using the export button (below the print buttons). This will save in a format you can open in your wordprocessor or graphics program and reprint. Exported puzzles can not be loaded back into Wordsheets.

I love the printed puzzles. How can I share puzzles electronically?

You can use the Export button (below the print buttons) to create files  that can be sent by email or posted on the web and can be looked at without the Wordsheets software. The best format for exporting will depend greatly on what the receiving person is going to do with the file. Metafiles can be resized, but some programs change the fonts in metafiles. Bitmaps or GIF's will preserve the fonts and layout, but they won't look as good if they are resized.. You will likely have to experiment to get the best results.

Another great option for creating electronic versions is to create a pdf file. This is not an "export" option. To create a pdf you must have a virtual PDF "printer" installed. Once you do, simply choose the PDF printer when you print.

If you don't have a virtual PDF printer, there are many ways to get one. The full version of Adobe Acrobat (not the reader) has many PDF creation options, including a PDF printer. There are also several other commercial and free PDF creators. One of the free PDF printers is called PrimoPDF. We have done some limited testing of PrimoPDF and found that it is easy to install and creates good PDF's. This is a link to download the PrimoPDF installation program and this is a link to find out more about it.

How long can my clues be?

Wordsheets sets no limit on the clues. You can type in as much as you want. In the puzzle, Wordsheets will wrap the clue onto multiple lines to make it fit.

How many words can I enter in a word list?

Wordsheets sets no limit on the number of words. You can type in as many as you want. Wordsheets uses advanced puzzle generation algorithms that will usually place all your words in the completed puzzle. If your word list is unusually long, unusually short, or has only extremely short words, some words may not be included. For short word lists, the best solution is to add a few more words (maybe some names of people in the class or family). As for long word lists, we have made crosswords with over 200 words, and word searches with over 400 words! Any words that are not included will be shown in the top right corner of the display screen. If you want Wordsheets to keep trying until it places all the words in a puzzle, use the "Try forever" generation style, or use the customize button and set the "Minimum percent of words to include" to 100.

How do I print a different puzzle for each person in my class?

Generate the number of puzzles that you want, then open one of them, and click the "Print All" button (it is in the top center of the screen to the right of the "Next" button"). To easily generate the correct number of puzzles, customize the Generation settings. Some puzzles already have a style for generating 30 at once. You can modify that style, or create a new style. Choose the style you want to start with (above the generate button) then click Customize. The last option is the "Number to generate each push." Change the count to the number of students you have in your class. Then click "Save to Style"(to change the style) or "Save as new Style" to create a new style.

How do I print the answer key?

Display the generated puzzle. Click the red "Print Answer Key" button. Note that it is best to print the worksheet and the answer key at the same time because each generated puzzle is different.

My question isn't on here or the answer isn't clear to me. How can I get more help?

We'd be happy to help you more. Please email support@qualint.com Please be as specific as possible with your questions.