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Wordsheets puzzle maker software creates crossword, word search, and word scramble puzzles using your list of words. You get high quality printed puzzles, fully automatic puzzle making, and lots of puzzle styles--all in one fast, smart, easy to use program.

Click here to see how it works or download the working demo and make puzzle worksheets from your own words in seconds. The free demo prints up to 10 worksheets. When you buy a Wordsheets license you get unlimited printing of all puzzle types for one low price (this is not a subscription, just a one time fee).

Wordsheets software quickly makes multiple, unique puzzles so you can choose your favorite to print. It also automatically sizes and formats each puzzle for the best results in minimum time. There is no limit to the number of words in your lists or the length of the clues. Once you've entered your list, Wordsheets does the rest of the work. It's quick, easy, automatic, and the results are fantastic! Answer keys are automatically created too.

Note that Qualint does not claim any copyright for puzzles you create with Wordsheets. You may publish or use your puzzles in any way you wish. Once you've purchased Wordsheets you can turn off the Qualint acknowledgment line or change it to any text you want printed on the bottom of the worksheet.


Wordsheets is designed as an educational tool. Its strength is creating high quality output without requiring much time or effort (to learn the program or to create each puzzle). A special feature is the ability to generate a unique worksheet for every student in the class, and then just "Print All."

Wordsheets comes with many different styles for creating and printing your puzzles including simplified styles for younger students and unique matching puzzles -- you can include words and clues with any puzzle type. You can also create and save your own portrait or landscape styles with customized headers, instructions, and formatting.


Custom puzzle worksheets are wonderful educational tools. They cover exactly the content you desire, and can also include some light/fun questions about you and your students. For special occasions (first and last days of class, reward parties, etc.) you can even make entire puzzles about the students and their interests .

Teachers, parents, and students can create worksheets for homework, extra credit, study, testing, or just for fun. Custom puzzles are also great for parties, reunions, newsletters, car trips, rainy days, and more.

Using Wordsheets, you can easily create and print custom worksheets for history, geography, spelling, grammar, literature, art, current events, physics, chemistry, biology, genealogy, and anything else you can write a question and answer for.



Download Wordsheets and try it yourself. There is no cost or obligation, and you can print 10 free puzzles.

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30 day satisfaction or money back guarantee on all purchases. You can buy immediately using a number of easy ordering methods.

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Read what they're saying about Wordsheets!
"Am a teacher. Love the product. Can't imagine teaching without Wordsheets."(Paul C.)
"I have not found anything I dislike. Wordsheets is far and away the most professional and user friendly puzzle generator I have used in 7 years of teaching. Wordsheets is a perfect tool for the classes I teach..." (G. Wood)
"Great program ... third we've tried, first we've bought :)" (David A.)
"Wordsheets - they are amazing! We are all enjoying them and they are adding a new element of fun and learning to our training packages." (Lynn T)
"Great product and fantastic customer service." (Robert T)
"I really, really like Wordsheets! It's a very easy and extremely versatile program to use particularly as compared to some of the other programs." (Melinda H)
"My son is using wordsheets for his 5th grade spelling, what an improvement in his test scores. Great program!" (Joe W)
"This program is super! I was able to enter the words and clues in detail, which I haven't been able to do on other programs." (L. Davis)
"This is just a great program. It is easy to use and to learn." (Susan S)
"I like the fact that it generates more than one puzzle and generates an answer sheet.... Great product!" (C M)
"Hi! I absolutely love your program. The possibilities are endless!" (Sandy S)
"This program is extremely easy to use and edit. The quality of the printed sheets is superior....Also, the various formats are the best I have ever seen in a wordsearch program." (A. Ritchey)
"...a really valuable tool for my classroom." (Beth R.)
"...I rave to all my kids' parents about Wordsheets. They think it is so cool that I make tailor-made puzzles for their children." (Carol P)
"It installed easily and quickly and could be used right away." (Trent S)
"Love it! My 8 year old loves it, too. It was easy for both of us!" (Kaming)
"My son and I found it very easy to create a word list using his spelling words." (S Lubbage)
"This is a great program, very self explanatory.... Its everything I need.... Its the best I have found." (Robinson)
"The quality and flexibility of the worksheets is great I can use them for many different things." (D Peters)
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