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SFUtils -- Startup Folder Utilities for OS/2

Do you have programs you want started every time you boot?
If any of them need network drives, you need SFUtils!

SFUtils (Startup Folder Utilities) consists of two utilities, ObjWait and AppWait, and a helper app for setting up ObjWait.

Put the Wait utilities in your startup folder with appropriate parameters. At bootup they will start and display a dialog that indicates, "Waiting for x:". After the required drives are available, your programs will start.

The two Wait utilities have different strengths and weaknesses. By using one or the other you can start any type of program that will run on OS/2--even a program with specific DOS or Windows settings.

SFUtils comes with a detailed online manual in INF format.

For a list of features, click here.

The evaluation version of SFUtils is fully functional.

Download it from this site (190,400 Bytes)

or download from BMT Micro ftp site

You may use this version only for evaluation purposes. At the conclusion of your evaluation you may purchase the $15 personal license or the $150 site license.

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