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  • One of the following operating systems is required:
    Windows 95,98,ME,2000, XP, Vista, NT 4.0, 7, 8, 10
    (We're sorry, but a Macintosh version is not currently available or under development.)
  • Recommended screen resolution: 800x600 or greater (640x480 is also supported)
  • Recommended color depth: 16bit=65,000 colors (256 colors is also supported)
  • A printer is required to print the worksheets -- any printer that works in Windows will work with Wordsheets 5.5

For machines not running recent versions of windows, Wordsheets v4.2 is available. It is a DOS program that runs well under Windows 3.1, MS DOS, PC DOS, and OS/2. Requirements for v4.2 are as follows:
  • DOS 3.3 or greater, Windows, or OS/2
  • 480K available RAM
  • Hercules Mono, EGA, VGA
  • Laser, ink jet, or dot matrix printer

The following printer drivers are included with Wordsheets 4.2:

(Your printer is most likely compatible with one of these drivers.)
Laser Printers & Some Inkjet Printers
  1. PCL mode (HP LJ compatible)
  2. Postscript
  3. HPGL/2 mode (HP LJ III & higher)
Newer Inkjet & 24 Pin Dot Matrix
  1. Epson mode (LQ)
  2. IBM Proprinter mode
  3. Color Epson mode
  4. Deskjet 500C (BW use PCL mode)
Older 9 Pin Dot Matrix & Inkjets
  1. Epson/IBM Proprinter mode
  2. Color Epson mode
  3. PaintJet
  1. Plotters - HPGL mode

There are some printers sold as "Windows Only" printers. These are not generally compatible with Wordsheets v4.2, but they are completely compatible with Wordsheets v5.5.